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When is information collected?
McGuire Music will only collect and store the information of a user of this site if that user gives consent and accepts the terms of this privacy policy. We ask for the user's consent at the time the user is presented with a form to submit personal information (for example, when entering personal information for an online transaction or to create an account on the site).
What types of information are stored?
With the user's consent and acceptance of this privacy policy, McGuire Music can collect and store two types of information: personal and public.
Personal Information
Personal information is information such as the user's name, email address, phone number, address of residence, associated organizations, and records of online transactions made through McGuire Music's website and web services. This information is used by Mcguire Music to register product warranties for puchased items, to place shipment orders for products that will be shipped to the user, and to keep records of sales. This information may also be sent in an error report to McGuire Music if an error occurs in this website or another client application (for example, if an error occurs during a checkout process). This information is not available to or shared with the public or with third parties other than the manufacturers with whom we register product warranties and with the shipping vendors with whom we place shipment orders. The user may also additionally choose to opt in to receive email correspondences from McGuire Music, such as newsletters and offers. If such consent is given by the user, the user's name and email address may also be used to to send such emails. The user can opt out of receiving emails at any time in order to stop receiving such emails that he or she had previously opted for. McGuire Music reserves the right to remove and ban users from this site and permanently delete the personal information that it stores.
Public Information
Public information is information uploaded by the user for the purpose of a public-facing user account on this website. Such information can include a username, public profile images, biographical profile information such as interests, and content that the user entered through the site for the purpose of public viewing such as blog posts, comments, reviews, bulletins, and pictures. This information can be viewed publicly and can be accessed by others through McGuire Music's website and web services. McGuire Music reserves the right to remove and moderate such publicly visible content.
Information Not Stored
McGuire Music does not store credit card data, such as a user's credit card number, CVC code, or card expiration date. We use a third-party payment provider to process credit card payments, and such cardholder data is sent to the payment provider's server without being sent to our server or stored in our database. If a user chooses to schedule recurring payments, the payment information is stored by the PCI-certified payment provider in order to facilitate such payments. Users' passwords are not stored in plain text; they are encrypted and the encrypted password is stored in our database such that the original password cannot be determined from the encrypted value that is stored.